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Praia Lusitana has three strategic partners that support the company's activity:

Selectiva Moda


Partnership  with the Associação Selectiva Moda association through the representation contracted with the MODtissimo brand and the promotion of international initiatives where Selectiva Moda is present.

Anje - Associação Nacional de Jovens Empresários


Couting on the support and knowledge of ANJE to enhance and foster market entry in new areas, with the development and analysis of image projection as well as the occupation of some of the Association's spaces to meet customers and suppliers. Also through support provided by ANJE, in the form of consultancy, with major know how as the result of its human resources and broad experience and relations with partners of different areas.

Quality Impact, Lda


Quality Impact is a reference company in the design and construction of stands, in various markets. Our partnership comprises us having a partner primarily for the more distant markets, such as South America, China and Japan.

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